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LPR Camera's

Compliance can integrate with Mobile LPR, which is a vehicle-mounted automated licence plate recognition system supported by specifically designed software that integrates with back-end software. This software provides a secure centralized cloud-based data management, which allows for a single point of management of vehicle watch lists. Watch lists can be drawn from third party systems such as virtual permit databases, then synchronized across all connected mobile kits.

vCompliance can also integrate with LPRnet. LPRnet is a web-based software offering that provides a secured and centralised platform to view real time feeds and manage vehicle licence plate reads for all connected and active mobile LPR systems. It is a powerful and sophisticated tool that enables large volumes of data to be managed effectively and centrally, featuring advanced searching capability, intelligent reporting and customised alert behavior. LPRnet embraces the latest advancements in technology with ease of accessing all collected data via any compatible device with an internet connection.

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