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“Our key objectives were to regain control of the carpark and generate a parking income and we are pleased that both of these have been achieved. Our members can now get a carpark space.

We knew from the start that this was a complex carpark with each of the multiple stakeholders having machine located inside Gym a slightly different requirement. We needed a solution and a solution provider that was flexible and could accommodate our many and changing requirements.

The gym member solution is an example of IntelliCo’s flexibility. Shortly before going-live we realised

that our gym members required 180 minutes free parking and asked IntelliCo what could be done.

To our pleasant surprise they quickly developed, manufactured and installed a parking machine

inside the gym to validate members and provide the 180 minutes free.

We have found that IntelliCo have been great to deal with and have delivered on the project”.

Mike Stanley - CEO AUT Millennium

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